Tuesday, November 28, 2023

LOU Community Can Support Pre-K Programs for Tax Credit

willie price garden
Parent and volunteer Tess Johnson helps Willie Price Lab School students sow seeds at the School’s new learning garden. Photo by Kevin Bain/University Communications Photography

With tax season right in full swing, Oxford and Lafayette County residents can help support local pre-K programs while receiving tax credits on their upcoming returns.

For the first time ever, as part of the Early Learning Collaborative Act, citizens who donate to the L.O.U Early Learning Collaborative qualify for a 1:1 state tax credit for the donated amount up to $1 million.

In addition to the state tax credit, a tax deduction may also be available for federal taxes.

In Oxford, a community with limited preschool options, the L.O.U. Early Learning Collaborative supports high-quality early childhood education programs to 4-year-olds at Bramlett Elementary, Lafayette Lower Elementary, Willie Price Lab School, and Mary Cathey Head Start. 

By donating to the L.O.U Early Learning Collaborative, residents can know that their money is staying at home in their community. Donations can be made either to the whole collaborative or to individual schools/providers.

State funds only cover a fraction of what it costs to implement the collaborative – to pay for salaries, materials, resources for children.

Providing pre-kindergarten services to four-year-old children costs $4,300 per child enrolled in full-day programs and $2,150 per child enrolled in half-day programs. The State of Mississippi provides half of these costs. The remainder of the funds must be made up by the participating school districts/providers. 

To donate to the L.O.U. Early Learning Collaborative and receive the state tax credit, contact the L.O.U. Early Learning Collaborative Coordinator, Tamara Hillmer at  tlhillmer@oxfordsd.org or (662) 234-3541.  

Hottytoddy.com staff report