Friday, September 30, 2022

Double Decker Food Vendors Offer Tasty Choices

By Paris Payne
Journalism Student

Dozens of food vendors from Lafayette County got a chance to impress visitors from around the country with a little taste of Mississippi. 

A bite to eat was not hard to find during the Double Decker Arts Festival.

Hundreds crowd the Square during Double Decker Arts Festival. Photo by Paris Payne

Vendors circled The Square with a variety of unique food choices like incredibly long corn dogs.

Sled Dogs offered foot-long corndogs to eager customers ready to take their first bite.

Customers got a chance to paint on condiments of there choice.

Another fan favorite was Ox-Sicles.

Ox-sicles are frozen treats made with no sugar nor dairy. Families flocked to the healthy choice. Owner Laura Klimetz decided more healthy choices should be available to children

“I wanted my kids to be able to have a healthy treat, they always ask ‘How many popsicles can I have today'” Klimetz said. “I’m like ‘I don’t care have as many as you want it’s full of spinach and apple I mean have as many as you want’.”

For the more traditional treat, Taylor Grocery had homemade vanilla ice cream.

Almost everyone loves a good bowl of ice cream. Taylor Grocery uses what appears to be a John Deer Tractor to create their well-known specialty.

The catering manager Butch Scott being their number one fan.

“Man, look at me,” Scott said. “I like ice cream.” 

But not everyone wanted the usual. Wesley Gerard decided to step outside of the box and try something different.

“I was looking for something a little more ethnic,” Gerard said. “You know, I saw a lot of pizza and foods like that, and I was kind of like, you know, it might be interesting to get something a little more Mississippi.”

He picked Delta Tamales and barbecue nachos. 

What a good choice!

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