Thursday, September 23, 2021

Oxford Comedy Group Offers Laughs with Open Mic Night

By Jackson Solari Intern

Oxford Comedy hosts Open Mic Night Tuesdays at 9 p.m. at Harrison’s located just off the Square. Photo courtesy of Oxford Comedy.

The LOU community has an opportunity to grab a drink and enjoy a laugh with Oxford Comedy’s Open Mic Night at Harrison’s Bar—located adjacent to the Square—at 9 p.m. on Tuesdays.

Oxford Comedy began in 2014 formerly known as ‘Laff Co’ as a Facebook page that shared comedy that was happening throughout the LOU community. Although the group disbanded shortly after, due to members beginning new journeys, it revamped in January bringing open mic night to the comedy scene this past May.

The goal of the group is to entertain audiences in a new performance style along with introducing new, young talented comedians to the community.

Connor King, leader and creator behind the group, came to the realization that he missed performing standup and telling jokes.

“I just realized that I missed the hell out of telling jokes to strangers at a bar, whether they like them or not,” King said.

As an Oxford resident, King wanted the opportunity to reignite the comedy scene in his town, which would prevent him from having to travel to distant cities, such as Memphis and Tupelo, he said.

Traveling to cities outside his town would require him to continuously refill his gas tanks for a 90-minute drive to simply perform for five minutes on a stage.

“So eventually I decided to bring a little bit of comedy back here instead of chasing it,” he said.

King wants people in Oxford to gain an appreciation for a style of art that they may not have seen yet.

The comedy group’s mission is to revive standup and help the art form become more of a local staple in the community.

The group is best known for their Tuesday night 9 p.m. Open Mic Night at Harrison’s—located adjacent to the Square. The event allows amateur and veteran comedians to take the stage for five minutes and perform their material for the audience.

Comics vary from out-of-towners, locals and students. Some comics make the drive from Memphis to get a shot at pleasing the crowd, according to King.

Christina Purvis, a seasoned comic and host of Open Mic Night was hooked after her first time performing at the group’s weekly event.

“Ever since my first time doing stand-up, I got the bug,” Purvis said. “I’ve just wanted to keep doing it and improving my comedy.”

Purvis said her hope for the group, and Open Mic Night, is that people seeking to attempt comedy for the first time are allowed an opportunity to try standup with a positive reaction from the community.

For more information on Oxford Comedy, visit their Facebook page.