Sunday, February 28, 2021

5 Local Spots to Snag a Festive King Cake

By Sierra Whitten intern

When a certain green, purple, and gold sweet bread makes its way to Oxford, it can only symbolize one thing. Mardi Gras is here, and there can be no gluttonous celebrations without a sweet serving of king cake.

Mardi Gras season began on Jan. 6, and Carnival festivities will take place in New Orleans until Tuesday, Feb. 25, also known as Fat Tuesday.

The thick, rich cinnamon cake covered in sweet, colorful icing has been a staple in the Mardi Gras tradition since the holiday’s origin. The bright colors of the cake are known to represent power, faith, and justice. Hidden inside one slice of the cake is a small plastic baby. It has been said that whoever acquires the slice with the baby in it will have good luck for the rest of the year. Happy hunting!

Here are a few places in Oxford whose king cakes will transport your taste buds six hours south to the French Quarter:

1. The Cakery

Whether you are looking for a quick treat or a king cake to share, The Cakery has you covered. Mini king cakes are $10 and full cakes are $35. Flavors include cream cheese and pecans or the original cinnamon. If you only need one bite to satisfy your sweet tooth until the big day, king cake bars and cupcakes are only $2.

Photo via Facebook.

2. Bottletree Bakery

Bottletree Bakery is known for its larger-than-life cinnamon pastries, so it’s no surprise king cakes are making an appearance on their menu. Bottletree is offering original brioche king cakes for $28 plus tax.

Photo via Facebook.

3. Smallcakes 

The treats from Smallcakes are known to pack a powerful punch. The bakery is offering homemade king cake cupcakes for $3.50 each. There may not be a special prize to seek inside the cake, but the celebratory flavors alone will leave you feeling lucky.

Photo via Facebook.

4. Tallahatchie Gourmet

Some have called Tallahatchie Gourmet “a little piece of New Orleans in Oxford,” so it’s only right for them to live up to the name by offering a variety of New Orleans-style king cakes. You can purchase a regular king cake for $20 at Tallahatchie. Or, you can spice it up with fillings and toppings for $5 more. Flavors include blueberry cream cheese, chocolate and even pecan praline fillings.

Photo via Facebook.

5. King’s Steakhouse

King’s Steakhouse has taken on a new title as “The King of Cakes” this Mardi Gras season. The regular cake can be purchased for $25, or you can upgrade it to cream cheese or praline stuffed for $30. If you are not looking to share, a single slice can be purchased for $6.

Photo via Facebook.

Bonus: King Cake with a Twist – Mamo Macaroons

If you’re not a huge fan of the bread-like texture of king cakes but would still like to celebrate with a sweet delight, MAMO Macarons has you covered. Local baker, Meaghin Burke, is offering up her popular macaroons with a purple, green, and gold twist. If you’d like to get your fingers on the king cake-inspired macarons with a pecan praline filling, visit MAMO Macarons on Facebook to place an order. They are priced at $8 for 6 and $15 for 12.