Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Jamar Richardson Took Advantage of His Redshirt Season

Jamar Richardson at fall camp. Photo by Joshua McCoy/Ole Miss Athletics

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Ole Miss junior defensive back Jamar Richardson used his season as a redshirt last year to prepare for playing in the SEC.

“I am just excited to play it has been since 2017,” Richardson said. “It’s three years later.”

Richardson committed to Ole Miss out of high school where he played at Aliceville in Aliceville, Alabama. Before arriving in Oxford he spent two seasons playing at Jones College. While at Jones he recorded a total of 52 tackles, two interceptions and one fumble recovery.

According to Richardson, last season was a difficult transition as he expected to play coming out of JUCO rather than redshirting.

“It helped me grow as a football player and a person,” he said. “As it helped me get the speed of playing at the SEC level. After so long I accepted the fact that I was redshirted and started getting in the weight room, started bonding with a lot of my teammates.”

“I am thankful for the year as it gave me a year to work my craft,” Richardson said. “It gave me an extra year to play football. I am glad I redshirted.”

The NCAA announced earlier that this season will not count against a player’s year of eligibility to play due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It helped me out even more now cause I get two more years to play,” he said. “Now I get three more years if I wanted to.”