Monday, May 16, 2022

BREAKING: Cindy-Hyde Smith Projected to Win U.S. Senate Race in Mississippi

Cindy Hyde-Smith. Photo provided.

Incumbent senator and Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith is now projected to win the Missississippi U.S. Senate Race. Hyde-Smith defeats Democrat Mike Espy.

Hyde-Smith received the endorsement of President Trump in October after having been previously endorsed at a Trump rally in 2018.

Trump stated in October that Hyde-Smith, “helped us Cut your Taxes, Secure our Border, and Defend the Second Amendment.”

Trump also stated that Mike Espy was a “corrupt politician” that would “Raise your Taxes and Open your Borders!”

Hyde-Smith is the former State Agricultural Commissioner. She is also the only female to have ever represented Mississippi in the U.S. Senate or House.

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