Saturday, May 28, 2022

Top Spring Fashion Trends in 2021

By McKinley Bice and Sarah Gatlin

Fashion experts are most excited about the mixed prints, bright colors, and matching set trends for this spring. 

The most popular colors for this spring are expected to be yellow and brown. 

“In the beginning of 2021 brown came back into style, which was a shock to me, but once I saw how people incorporated the color into their outfits I grew to like it,” fashion expert, Sarah Tonos said. 

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There are many places to find inspiration for fashion. Tonos finds her inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram. “Living in New York City, I see so many different styles that spark different ideas for me,” fashion designer, Audrey Muse said.  

Trends are constantly recurring and being brought back from years past. Muse is loving the new twist on how styles are always evolving. Muse believes that buttondown shirts, floral prints and lounge sets will be prominent this spring.

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Celebrities have a huge influence on trends and are often the first to be seen in them. Fashion expert, Tonos, gets her fashion inspiration from Hailey Bieber. Celebrity fashion designer, Arpita Mehta, expresses her take on what to reintroduce this season. According to her, sleek silhouettes, mini bags and pastels are some examples of statement fads this year. 

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Julia Garel, from Fashion United, says Ganni, Munthe and Cecilie Bahnsen are brands that will be on the rise this year. “This spring I have been really excited by brands, Staud and ALC,” Muse said. 

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Consumers are the deciding factors on what trends are going to be predicted. Consumers are the ones that wear the styles that the designers create. These brands showcase the styles via social media and through augmented reality. 

Spring trends start to appear six months before the season starts. Buyers have to go to market months prior to pick out their items. This gets the public excited because some brands will do sneak peeks of the trends. 

“I am excited to see how people, including myself, style their outfits and express themselves through their clothes,” Tonos said.