Monday, September 20, 2021

MDOT Says Demands for Hwy 6 Intersection Changes Reasonable

By Gracyn Ashmore and Rebecca Donaldson
Journalism Students

A trash truck struck a car on Highway 6 East near the F.D. “Buddy” East Parkway intersection last week resulting in the deaths of Matt Ellington and his two children.

The accident prompted Oxford resident Carrie Long to start a petition online asking for changes to the busy intersection. The petition is asking the city to turn off the left yield indicator, reduce the speed limit to 55 miles per hour, create a school zone time speed limit of 45 miles per hour and add speed bumps approaching the intersection.

The petition collected over 5,500 signatures in less than a week garnering strong support for the changes. As a result, the Mississippi Department of Transportation issued a statement – watch the story for more on what they had to say.