Saturday, January 28, 2023

Last-Minute Cupids Save Your Relationship At Bette's

Bette’s is waiting for you last-minute Cupids

 It’s still not too late guys!

Bette’s Flowers, at the corner of University and Bramlett, has great deals on roses and arrangements of various blooms and plants.

In this health conscious era flowers are always a good  bet vs. candy although buying both for your sweetheart may be the ticket to a truly memorable Valentine’s Day.

The manager of Bette’s says Valentines Day and the week preceding is the store’s busiest period and staff is prepared to hustle throughout the day for you last-minute cupids. Only walk-in orders are possible at this late date, but staff say Bette’s has plenty of beautiful flowers and plants for anyone in need.
Here’s a couple of factoids about flowers:
• One out of every 5 roses bought for Valentine’s Day is bought for a mom.
• An estimated 233 million roses were purchased on Valentine’s Day last year. The most fresh flowers per year are sold on this holiday. staff report