Thursday, March 30, 2023

Ole Miss Grad Stars in TV Movie 'Drumline 2'

In less than two weeks Ole Miss Grad Scott Shilstone will star in Drumline 2, a sequel to Nick Cannon’s 2002 hit movie Drumline.
“Drumline 2 is my first lead role, and I’m so thrilled about it,” Shilstone said. “I feel so blessed and so validated that I’ve been on a high ever since it was announced. It can only go up from here!”

Shilstone photo
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Shilstone says he has wanted to be an actor his entire life. He grew up in New Orleans, La., where his mother and grandmother were both actively involved in local theater. He was in school plays and took acting classes until he graduated high school and moved to Oxford to attend Ole Miss.
Shilstone studied broadcast journalism in the Meek School of Journalism and New Media at Ole Miss.
“Broadcast Journalism helped me more with the editing of films than anything,” Shilstone said. “When I moved out to Los Angeles, I needed a ‘reel’ of my past work, and with the tools I learned in school, I was able to edit my own videos without seeking professional help.”
In addition to the editing skills Shilstone picked up at Ole Miss, he said broadcast journalism also prepared him to be quicker on his feet since most segments are live. It was a good wake-up call, he said, when he was the weatherman for Newswatch one semester. “That was totally life and I totally flopped.”
After moving to L.A., Shilstone found an agent, a manager and started auditioning. Over and over and over again he auditioned, securing small roles in TV series and movies. (FYI: He was one of the ATO frat boys in Pitch Perfect.)
“I auditioned so many times, and was told no so many times, but I kept believing in myself, and I had the full support of my family and friends,” Shilstone said.
Congrats, Scott, from! Watch for Drumline 2: A New Beat to premiere on October 27.

Story updated by Kendyl Noon, Ole Miss journalism student.