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Daniels: Rebel’s Two Deep Against Alabama

Ole Miss Rebels
Quarterback Chad Kelly passed for 217 yards and was 20-27. (Photo by Russ Jones)

1. Chad Kelly
2. Jason Pellerin

Note: When the second team quarterback came in last Saturday, it was not Shea Patterson but Jason Pellerin. It looks as if Hugh Freeze and Patterson are going to play Patterson being redshirted ‘week by week.’

Running Back
1. Akeem Judd
2. Eugene Brazley

Note: Akeem Judd carried it 11 times for 64 yards against the Terriers. A season debut was made by D’Vaughn Pennamon as the redshirt was lifted to provide depth at the running back position.

Wide Receiver
1. Damore’ea Stringfellow
2. A.J. Brown

Note: A.J. Brown caught his first career touchdown pass last weekend against Wofford. Damore’ea Stringfellow will have the unusual matchup against a corner that is almost his height at 6’2. Both starting corners for Alabama stand at 6’1 so Stringfellow will have to use more of his body to win physical match ups.

Wide Receiver
1. Quincy Adeboyejo
2. DaMarkus Lodge

Note: Quincy Adeboyejo has had just three catches so far this season and he will have to be a much bigger factor in this one. With Abeboyejo being a 6’3 target, expect to see him out wide against either Fitzpatrick or Humphries who are 6’1 or even see him in the slot, trying to get freshman Carter Shyheim, 6’0, on him.

Slot Receiver
1. Van Jefferson
2. Markell Pack

Note: Van Jefferson has been big in the passing game so far this year and he will have to have another big game this weekend. The freshman will be matched up with another freshman in Carter Shyheim in the slot position. Markell Pack will step up to back up the slot receiver after the tough injury to the red-zone threat of D.K. Metcalf.

Tight End
1. Evan Engram
2. Taz Zettergren

Note: Evan Engram is not like a lot of tight ends in the country. A lot of them are bulkier guys, but Engram is more of a receiving type tight end with great speed. If he gets any match ups with the Crimson Tide’s linebackers, Kelly and company must take advantage of it.

Left Tackle
1. Rod Taylor
2. Greg Little

Note: No quarterback for the Rebels was sacked last week which is a big plus for the Rebel offensive line. Taylor will have to step up and block off the edge against a defense that has sacked the opposing quarterback seven times this season.

Left Guard
1. Javon Patterson
2. Tyler Putman

Note: The interior running game is going to have to be something that we can go to if we want to successfully run the football. Patterson along with Jordan Sims are going to have to open up those gaps.

1. Robert Conyers
2. Jacob Feeley

Note: Robert Conyers is going to have his hands full trying to recognize the Alabama defensive fronts and blitzes. The senior center shouldn’t have any major issues doing that.

Right Guard
1. Jordan Sims
2. Daronte Bouldin

Note: Jordan Sims has gotten both starts this season and will get another against Alabama. Like Patterson, he is going to have to open up holes for not only our running backs but also for Kelly if he has to scramble out of the pocket.

Right Tackle
1. Sean Rawlings
2. Alex Givens

Note: On one of the ends, the Ole Miss tackles will have to keep senior Jonathan Allen away from the quarterback. Allen has three sacks in two games for the Crimson Tide.

Defensive End
1. John Youngblood
2. Fadol Brown

Note: The Chucky Mullins Courage Award player would like nothing more than a win against the number one ranked team in the country in his senior year. He’s got to keep Damien Harris and Bo Scarborough from getting outside the tackles in the running game.

Defensive Tackle
1. Breeland Speaks
2. Benito Jones

Note: Breeland Speaks will have to help plug up the interior and with his quickness, even get in the backfield to try and dissipate the Alabama running game.

Nose Tackle
1. D.J. Jones
2. Isaac Gross

Note: Both of these players will get plenty of playing time rotating in and out at nose tackle. Keeping fresh bodies will be a key going up against the tough Crimson Tide offensive line.

Defensive End
1. Marquis Haynes
2. Victor Evans

Note: Marquis Haynes would love nothing more than to add to his sack total against the freshman quarterback Jalen Hurts. The Crimson Tide quarterbacks have not been absolutely untouchable as the offensive line has given up four total sacks in two games. The quick Rebel front must get to Hurts if they want to win.

Outside Linebacker
1. DeMarquis Gates
2. Terry Caldwell

Note: Last weekend, Rommel Mageo started at middle linebacker to give him a test on how much he has learned the defense and I think the coaching staff will move DeMarquis Gates back to his spot from last season at outside linebacker.

Middle Linebacker
1. Rommel Mageo
2. Temario Strong

Note: Rommel Mageo led the Rebels in tackles last weekend with eight total tackles in his first career starter. Mageo said that they need to scare the freshman quarterback when he comes into Vaught-Hemingway.

1. Tony Connor
2. A.J. Moore

Note: Last year, Tony Connor went down during this game. This season for this game expect Connor to come back even stronger as he will probably be matched up with O.J. Howard a good bit. Connor will also have to make some key open field tackles on the quarterback run or if we see a running back breaking into the secondary.

1. Tony Bridges
2. Jalen Julius

Note: Jalen Julius did start over Tony Bridges on Saturday against Wofford most likely just to be positive that Bridges stays healthy. He will have a very tough task guarding the Tide’s top receiver Calvin Ridley.

1. Carlos Davis
2. Montrell Custis

Note: Carlos Davis started for the injured Ken Webster last weekend. Expect the same thing this weekend as Davis will be matched up with another dominant threat in ArDarius Stewart.

Free Safety
1. Zedrick Woods
2. C.J. Hampton

Note: Zedrick Woods was a victim of a unsportsmanlike conduct penalty last weekend after an aggressive tackle. Though we don’t want to draw the penalty, we do want that intensity. Expect Woods to be very aggressive against Alabama.

1. Myles Hartsfield
2. Deontay Anderson

Note: Deontay Anderson had a big weekend against Wofford as he had a total of seven tackles. Although Hartsfield will get the start, expect both players to be impactful in defending the passing game.

1. Gary Wunderlich
2. Nathan Noble

Note: Gary Wunderlich kicked an early field goal against Wofford from 40 yards out which makes him 1/1 for the year. Despite Alabama being favored by double digits, this game could very easily be a three point game.

1. Gary Wunderlich
2. Will Gleeson

Note: Gary Wunderlich and Will Gleeson can breathe with ease as they will not have to worry about the dangerous Cyrus Jones returning punts for Alabama.

Kickoff Specialist
1. Nathan Noble
2. Gary Wunderlich

Note: Nathan Noble will have to continue to kick it out of the back of the end zone and possibly be ready for a surprise onside kick if the opportunity comes.

Grant Daniels

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