Monday, March 20, 2023

Coral Gables Regional Could Deal with a Tropical Storm

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Ole Miss baseball will head to the Coral Gables Regional this weekend to open their road to Omaha. The Rebels are set to open their tournament action on Friday at 6 p.m. CT against the Arizona Wildcats on ESPNU.

The Weather Channel is calling for a tropical storm coming through the area this weekend. The storm could cause problems for the Coral Gables Regional with games not being able to be played. If no games are able to be played in the Coral Gables Regional, the highest seed – Miami – would automatically advance to take on the winner of the Hattiesburg Regional.

On Friday and Saturday the chance of perception is 100 percent and 99 percent respectively.

Last season in the Oxford Regional, Ole Miss dealt with a similar situation. A number of games had been played and the University of Southern Mississippi had the advantage in the regional. If officials had called the tournament, the Golden Eagles would have advanced.

The NCAA has a procedure in place for every regional to follow for emergency advancing.

Regional. Every reasonable effort, including but not limited to moving the location of the games, should be made to complete a regional round and advance a team to the super regional based on the results on the field. However, in the highly unlikely event that regional play cannot be completed, the team that will advance to the super regional will be based on the following criteria:
– 0 games played = Best seed.
– 1 game played = Best remaining seed without a loss.
– 2 games played = Best seeded team without a loss.
– 3 games played = Best seeded team without a loss.
– 4 games played = Remaining team without a loss (i.e., Winner of Game #4).
– 5 games played = Remaining team without a loss (i.e., Winner of Game #4).
– 6 games played = Winner of Game #6 unless each team has one loss, in which case the following will be considered:
1) Head-to-head competition.
2) Best seeded team remaining.