Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Generational Football From Pop Pop’s Perspective

My namesake, Andrew H. Knef and his Mom Candace at Andrew’s first football game. has shared many images of last Saturday’s eventful day in Oxford.

The news ranged from the awful (The car crash that killed to Ole Miss students) to the sublime. A thrilling, if sloppy, win over Arkansas on a dreary day that turned into a beautiful fall day by sunset, led to a great celebration in the Grove.

I personally had a  wonderful day attending the game with my grandson and namesake and his mom and dad. Our goal was to teach Andrew a little about football so he would quit demanding we replace our favorite TV game with the latest episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

He did notice the band, Cheerleaders and Rebelettes. Chip off the old block.

So how did he like it? He enjoyed the cotton candy, hot dogs , soft pretzel, snow cones and Cokes Pop Pop bought him much more than the action on the field. His head did pop up a couple of times when the Rebelettes and the Ole Miss cheerleaders did something interesting — but that’s to be expected. I did say he was my namesake, didn’t I?

He liked the band quite a bit, but mostly it was the food — and that carried right over to our post-game trip to the Grove. We visited a tent manned by some of my son and daughter-in-law’s friends and he got to eat some cookies and drink some Gatorade. He also got a big kick out of the other little kids running around and playing ball.

If he had been watching the game he would have noticed Pop Pop’s great football shots.

By the time we got home he was ready for bed, but Pop Pop could finally relax in the knowledge that the next generation had been served. Served mostly with junk food, it’s true, but maybe a little Ole Miss Rebel love seeped in. Maybe the next time some announcer says ‘Are you ready?” Andrew’s first response won’t be “It’s Sponge Bob time!” Instead it’ll be “Hell yes!” You know the rest.

Hate that Sponge Bob. Love these photos.

Story and Photos by Andy Knef, Managing Editor

We felt sorry for the regular guy trying to kick the field goal. He wasn’t close.
More food in the Grove. The succulent pig variety.
Hey, there’s a kid like me!












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