Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Rebels Get Into Spring With Lively Practice


The offensive line was ready to hit.

Tonight was the first spring practice and the main news seemed to be riding on Bo Wallace’s rejuvenated arm.
The starting quarterback was throwing the ball with great velocity, first to an unmoving net target and then to live receivers. He threw every route — quick outs, sideline patterns across the field, with great authority and accuracy.
The players went through their position drills with more pace than an Indy racer. Plenty of enthusiasm and then they began a hectic scrimmage that was loud and energetic. No pads, only helmets, but everyone came to play and the Rebels and their coaches couldn’t be happier to be back on the field. Even if that field was the temperature controlled indoor facility a the Manning Center.
Receivers line up.

In his pre-practice remarks Coach Freeze said he was close to having the kind of SEC-packed three-deep roster he wanted, but not quite there in the third year of his tenure. He added that injuries along the offensive line challenged his team’s depth even more. “We’ll be fine as long as we stay healthy,” he said, “but it makes it tough to play the Grove Bowl.”
On Bo Wallace, Freeze said the senior is “Feeling the best he has in two years. His arm looks lively.”
Laquon Treadwell, No. 1 is being counted on.

Coach Freeze revealed that Denzel Nkemdiche will be suspended throughout spring practice and “has a lot of things to take care of before he can return as a full member of the team.”
Tomorrow more on the 10-second rule that some coaches (Nick Saban) want to pass for so-called safety concerns, but which Freeze, among other nationally known coaches like Steve Spurrier, want to stop.
Hit the sled boys.

The Manning Center was buzzing.

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