Friday, February 3, 2023

Controversial Rebel Slow-Down Scheme Tabled by NCAA


2013-06-01 21.01.19
Coach Hugh Freeze at Pro Day.

Coach Freeze’s side won.

The 10-second rule fight, that is, in which the NCAA rules people were considering a change that would have slowed down fast-paced offenses like the one run by the Rebels.

Today, according to ESPN, the Football Rules Committee tabled the controversial 10-second rule. Under this proposal, which some coaches justified in the name of player safety, offenses would have been prohibited from snapping the ball until 10 seconds had run off the 40-second play clock. This would have allowed defenses to substitute and theoretically kept players fresher and less prone to injuries.

Alabama’s Coach Nick Saban was one of the rule’s supporters. Saban runs a traditional power offense and has been critical of up-tempo schemes in the past.
The committee’s decision came the day before the NCAA’s 11-member playing rules oversight panel would have voted on whether to make the rule change count for the upcoming season. Now the oversight panel won’t vote on the rule change and the Rebels will continue to run fast and furious.
According to ESPN, in a recent survey, of all 128 FBS coaches, 73 percent (93 coaches) were opposed to the proposal and 19.5 percent (25 coaches) were in favor. Of the remaining 10 coaches, nine were undecided and one refused to participate.
At last night’s press conference, Freeze had this to say about the proposed rule:   
“From our conference, Coach (Kevin) SumlinGus (Malzahn), myself and Coach (Butch) Jones have led the way in opposition to the rule along Coach (Steve) Spurrier.” 
Freeze says he and the Ole Miss training staff have been unable to find any documentation linking hurry-up offenses with increased rates of injuries. “In fact,” he added “our trainers believe it may be just the opposite.”
Coach Freeze admitted he missed a survey announcing the proposed change during last season, but he said this issue “was too big” to be handled only in a survey.
At least for this year, Coach Freeze can stop worrying and continue his strategies to wear out Alabama and LSU.
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