Monday, January 30, 2023

Last Practice Before Spring Break Features One-On-One Battles

Coach Freeze was pleased with the energy and physicality of practice.

The Rebels were up early this morning starting their last practice before spring break at 5:30 a.m.
The highlight of practice were receiver and running back drills to close practice where defenders were left on one-on-one islands attempting to stop a run or defend a long pass. A successful play for either side of the ball generated wild cheers and hearty chest-bumping from players and coaches alike.
After another high-energy session Coach Hugh Freeze spent a few minutes with reporters. “We had good competition today and I was glad to see the offense taking better care of the ball,” Coach Freeze said. Now we have a break and hope we can get a few guys healed up.”
The coach admitted that the defense has dominated the three practices to date, but attributed that largely to the fact that only a limited amount of the rebels offense has been taught as yet.
“I though we showed good energy and we were physical during our one-on-one drills.”
When asked about a lack of depth on the offensive line that is partly due to injuries, Coach Freeze said the recruiting process has a ways to go to build the kind of two- and three-deep offensive line talent that he is after.
Addressing his players right after practice, Coach Freeze asked them to use good judgement during their spring break and think about the decisions they would make and the situations they might encounter.
This was the last practice before spring break.

Players pause for a prayer after practice.

Physical play marked the scrimmage.