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Nkemdiches File Counter-Claim Denying all Accusations in Baird Lawsuit

Denzel Nkemdiche  Photo By: Joshua McCoy / Ole Miss Sports
Denzel Nkemdiche
Photo By: Joshua McCoy / Ole Miss Sports

The Nkemdiche brothers, Denzel and Robert, have responded to the lawsuit of Matthew Baird with a counter-claim.
Beyond admitting that they were at the Kappa Alpha fraternity house on Feb. 17, 2013, the brothers deny every actionable charge that Baird has alleged.
In a suit pending in Lafayette County Civil Court, Baird claims the Ole Miss football players assaulted him on Feb. 17, 2003 outside of the Kappa Alpha fraternity house on the Ole Miss campus. He also claims other Ole Miss football players and students were involved in the attack
Baird’s $2 million lawsuit alleges Denzel Nkemdiche “Came from behind, and punched him, without warning or provocation, in the head … As a result, plaintiff was not able to brace for the blow or protect himself in any manner and its impact rendered him unconscious … Rather than leave the scene, Denzel ray Nkemdiche, and upon information and belief, Robert Nkemdiche, and John Doe 1-5 began to kick and stomp the Plaintiff’s head into the ground.”
In a response to the lawsuit filed by the brothers’ Oxford lawyer John Farese, the document says, “The claims made in this action are without substantial justification entitling the defendant, Nkemdiche to judgment … for all attorney fees, costs and expenses incurred in defending this action.”
Robert Nkemdiche

Denzel and Robert deny that anything they may have done on that night  “Was the cause of any injuries or damages alleged by the plaintiff Baird.”
The counter-claim further states: “Nkemdiche would state and show that he suffered and sustained harm, injuries, damages, and/or losses as a result of the false and defamatory statements made by plaintiff/counter-defendant Matthew Baird and that, therefore, Nkemdiche is entitled to a judgement against (Baird) for compensatory damages in an amount to be determined by the jury.”
Baird filed the original suit in Lafayette County Circuit Court on Feb. 14, 2014. The next week, Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork voiced his department’s support of the Nkemdiches, stating,
As spring practice began March 5, Robert Nkemdiche was practicing with the team while his brother Denzel remained suspended due to an arrest that happened in February. In his first press conference of spring practice, Coach Hugh Freeze said Denzel had “things to take care of before he would be accepted back as a full member of the team.”
Denzel is officially suspended for all of spring practice and will miss the Rebels opener against Boise State Aug. 28 in Atlanta.
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