Saturday, February 4, 2023

Johnny Football Impresses Scouts, Former Aggie QB, During Pro Day

Photo courtesy of Yahoo
Photo courtesy of Yahoo

Former Texas A&M Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel worked out in front of pro scouts on Thursday during the scheduled Pro Day on the Texas A&M campus. 
Manziel, who is the 2012 Heisman winner, had former President George W. Bush and his wife Barbara on hand to watch his performance.
Former A&M Quarterback David Walker watched Manziel’s Pro Day with great anticipation. Walker, the second-winningest QB in Aggie history, has been a staunch supporter of Manziel since he first saw the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner working out in practice during his redshirt freshman season. spoke with Walker today to get his assessment of Manziel’s tryout. “I thought Johnny Football’s performance in his Pro Day was outstanding,” Walker said. “First of all, he showed up wearing a helmet and shoulder pads, unlike anyone before him. And when asked why, Manziel said: ‘Isn’t the game played with them on?’  I thought that was a great answer!”
Walker went on to explain why he thinks Manziel’s Pro Day was such a success. “He opened the audition unlike any other I’ve ever seen by running sprint outs to the right and to the left and heaving bombs of 40 to 50 yards, directly on target.”
In the last two season’s in an Aggie uniform Manziel had not taken very many snaps from under center. ESPN anaylist’s Ron Jaworski watched as he made his progressions and reads from under center. Watch this short little clip as Jaworski breaks down Manziel’s performance.
Walker closed by telling that he believes the other quarterbacks in the draft should take notice of Manziel’s performance. “I think every quarterback who hopes to go in the draft watched this and realized there is a real quarterback in the field and his name is Johnny Manziel.”
–Adam Brown, Sports Editor of and Evelyn Van Pelt, sports contributor