Friday, February 3, 2023

Henderson Starts Fast, Gets Out-Shot in 3-Point Contest

Marshall Henderson in the Quicken Loans three-point Championship. Photo courtesy of Google Images
Marshall Henderson competes in the Quicken Loans 3-point Championship. Photo courtesy of Google Images

Some of the best three-point shooters in college basketball met and competed in the Quicken Loans 3-point championship last night in Dallas.
Ole Miss’ leading all-time 3-point shooter Marshall Henderson put his skills to the test.
Henderson went up against Andrea Dawkins of Duke. Shooting 25 balls from 3-point range, Henderson scored 20 points, including 4-5 two-point money balls. Henderson was second behind Oakland’s Travis Bader who hit 23.
Henderson in the semi-finals only racked up 12 points. Bader continued to lead the way in the 3-point contest with a score of 22 in the second round.
In the final round, Baylor’s Brady Heslip out shot Bader 18-14 to become the 2014 Quicken Loans 3-point champion among men
But the women hoopsters showed their skills as well. The overall winner in the three-point championship, was Shoni Schimmel out of Louisville who defeated Heslip by a score of 22-19.
–Adam Brown, sports editor