Saturday, January 28, 2023

Maroon Magazine Says State Fans Should NOT Root for Ole Miss

Would you root for these guys in the CWS?

We want to share a link to an article with you that speaks to a story we published yesterday about crossing the line in rooting for your team.
This is written by Jakle Wimberly of Mississippi State’s “unofficial” Maroon Magazine. Wimberly argues that the accumulated benefits that will accrue to Ole Miss should they do well in Omaha will so pump up Rebel baseball as to seriously hurt the Bulldogs. Click Here to read the full article from Maroon Magazine and be honest with yourself.
The only answer, writes Wimberly, is for State fans to root hard against the Rebels. We’ll let you read the article and decide for yourself what you think of his argument, but, to be fair, has spoken to Ole Miss fans who respond with comments similar to this direct quote: “I wouldn’t pull for State against Hitler and a group of Satan’s henchmen. I do not wish them the least modicum of success.”
On the other hand managing editor Kate Wallace has said: “I honestly rooted for State last year when they were in the World Series. They represent the SEC and Mississippi and I think it’s a bit narrow-minded, in that circumstance, not to find common ground. On any other day of the year, I hope Mississippi State loses mercilessly.” Keep in mind, the article author is not advocating clearly inappropriate language like what was highlighted in Matthew Steven’s remarks about Lafayette.
This is a complex question. Would you be rooting for State if our roles were reversed?
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