Sunday, February 5, 2023

Time to Get a Mean-On, Rebs

Friends, Rebels, countrymen, I’ll keep this brief.
This is it.
Some are happy we just made it to Omaha at all. So am I. But it’s time to rally. It’s time to grab a root and hang on. It’s time to beat Texas Tech and continue on in the College World Series.
In short, it’s time to get a mean-on.
(Caution: Not safe for work)

That is all. Get out there.
— Tad Wilkes,
Editor’s Note: Neither the writer nor endorse the views expressed by the fictional coach in this video clip from Johnny B. Good, other than his advice to get a mean-on. The coach is a villain in this motion picture, and we are posting this really just for Robert Downey Jr.’s reaction.