Saturday, February 4, 2023

Don't Study at the Library — Root on the Rebels

If there is anywhere in America more fun to watch a Rebel baseball game than Omaha, it might be the Library Bar on Van Buren near the Square.
Young and old gathered at the famous Oxford watering hole and the atmosphere was electric. When the Rebels finally took the lead, the flashing lights jumped into motion, smoke poured into the crowd and Dixie blared on the speakers.
It was awesome!
People hugged — some of whom actually knew each other — and one man was moved to dance a lively jig.
I’m beginning to think this might be my lucky spot for watching the Rebels so you’ll probably find me there Thursday night with some friends. Be prepared to hug and dance and holler and scream and celebrate another Rebel victory!
Here are some images from Tuesday afternoon:

For a minute, I thought I was in Vegas! What a thrilling environment as the Rebels claim victory. All photos by Andy Knef

Of course the Happy Dance was in order.

Are you ready? These people were ready hours ago.

Ole Mis students dig thrilling baseball and the Library. I’m not saying which one — Library, that is.

Again dancing, rear view.

Do these folks look happy? And at least 65 percent is Rebel-induced.

Andy Knef is the editor of He will not be dancing a jig, but a hug is a possibility should the Rebels prevail Thursday. You can contact Andy about this story at