Thursday, November 30, 2023

Ole Miss’ Ron Rychlak Elected to SEC Executive Committee

Ron Rychlak courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics
Ron Rychlak
courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics

University of Mississippi law professor and Faculty Athletics Representative Ron Rychlak has been appointed to the Southeastern Conference (SEC) Executive Committee.
Rychlak, who has served as Ole Miss’ Faculty Athletics Representative since 2007, is part of the seven-member executive committee empowered under conference by-laws to hear and decide appeals of disciplinary/enforcement matters, fill conference vacancies, and approve or ratify conference contracts or agreements.
The committee also approves the conference’s operating budget and has oversight of fiscal affairs.
“It is a great honor and a significant responsibility to be part of the SEC Executive Committee,” Rychlak said. “This is the most prestigious conference in the nation, populated with great people and great institutions. I appreciate the opportunity to play a role in its leadership.”
The panel also includes SEC President Nick Zeppos of Vanderbilt University, Vice President David Gearhart of the University of Arkansas, Secretary Dr. Joe Fink of the University of Kentucky, University of Georgia Athletics Director Greg McGarity, Mississippi State President Mark Keenum and Senior Women’s Administrator Lynda Tealer of the University of Florida.
“Ron is an ideal choice to serve in a leadership position in the most prestigious athletics conference in the nation,” said Chancellor Dan Jones. “This executive committee demonstrates the commitment of the conference to higher education, and I am confident Ron will work diligently to ensure our student athletes are prepared for success during and after college.”
Rychlak has been a member of the Ole Miss faculty since 1987, and he is the former Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.
—Ole Miss Sports Information