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Video >> Rebels Prepare for Atlanta, Epps Out against Boise State

Bo Wallace and the offense start practice with drills. / Photo by Amelia Camurati
Bo Wallace and the offense start practice with drills. / Photo by Amelia Camurati

The Ole Miss Rebel football team faced extreme heat conditions in August during Wednesday morning’s practice, one week before kicking off the season against Boise State in Atlanta.
The quarterbacks were as sharp as they have very been all camp during a long practice Wednesday, with senior Bo Wallace running multiple drills throughout the morning. The wide receivers still show a bit of inconsistency.
Senior wideout Vince Sanders / Photo by Amelia Camurati
Senior wideout Vince Sanders / Photo by Amelia Camurati

Freeze said during a press conference after practice junior Ben Still will be the starting center for the Rebels against Boise State, with Robert Conyers getting snaps at three different positions on the offensive line.
“Conyers may be one of the most valuable people at those positions because he can grasp all of what’s going on,” Freeze said.
Both Still and Conyers are equally skilled at center, but Conyers also needs to get some more work at each tackle position.
Freeze also gave an update on Sammie Epps, a freshman who was arrested Friday on charges of driving without a driver’s license and possession of marijuana.
Epps and Freeze have had several long talks in the last couple of days, and Freeze said Epps regrets what happened Friday night. Freeze was adamant that Epps must understand it is a privilege to be a part of the Ole Miss football team and be aware of what kind of brand he wants to be known for.
Though Freeze said he has not decided on a team punishment yet for Epps, he said he will sleep on the matter and come back with a decision Thursday, one week before the first game. Freeze indicated that Epps would not play in the Boise State game, but no other punishments for the season were announced.
Sophomore Robert Nkemdiche also talked with the media after practice about how much he has grown in the last year, thanks to a better understanding of the playbook and one year of SEC football under his belt.
Below is a clip from the press conference after practice with Freeze and Robert Nkemdiche.
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