Wednesday, August 10, 2022

It's Time — Two Days and Counting for Rebel Nation

Rebels entering the Vaught. Photo by Seph Anderson
Rebels entering the Vaught. Photo by Seph Anderson

We’re about 48 hours away, but who is counting? We all are!
This is the season that Ole Miss fans have been waiting for since 1959! However, before we declare the national title, let’s place some things in proper perspective. To start with, here is my one and only prediction for the Boise State game — and that is there will be more Alabama fans at our game than Boise State fans. Make no mistake they will be scouting us. They fully realize how important that first Saturday in October is going to be to both programs.
How did we get at this level so early in the Hugh Freeze era? Years ago at spring training in St. Petersburg, Florida, Yankee skipper Casey Stengel was asked by the media (following five consecutive world championships) what was the secret to his success. The ole professor replied — “filling out the lineup card.” With players like DiMaggio, Mantle, Ford and company, filling out the lineup card was a true pleasure. Fast forward to 2014 and Hugh Freeze’s Ole Miss Rebels. Filling out this lineup card will also bring smiles to Ole Miss fans everywhere.
Yesterday I was reviewing the depth chart for this year’s team. Since I have been following Ole Miss football, I have never been as familiar with the names of so many players as this year. I actually know who 54 of these guys are. That alone says volumes about how successful this coaching staff has been in recruiting.
There are still those things totally out of our control — luck, injuries, bad calls, etc. Looking back at Auburn’s great season a year ago, three of their wins could just have easily gone the other way. And the Ole Miss game was one of those three! As Jill Freeze so eloquently stated a couple of months ago, we all have to be patient as this season unwinds. We need to follow the coaches’ lead…in that we’re all in, regardless of what the season brings!
Phil Steele predicts that Boise State will be favorite in every game they play, save one. Our task in Atlanta is no small hurdle. It will take everyone (fans included) to be “all in” if we wish to be victorious.
Remembering Chucky Mullins.

In conclusion, this team has prepared well for the challenges that lie ahead. As Chucky Mullins told our team of many years ago …”It’s Time.” Rebel fans, we can be grateful each and every day of the 2014 season of the leadership directing this program. Because of their dedication and focus, the “time” has arrived sooner than anyone expected. Whatever happens, however, it is time for each and every one of us to be all in. It’s been a long time coming!
Steve Vassallo is a contributor. Steve writes on Ole Miss athletics, Oxford business, politics and other Photo by Robert Jordan/Ole Miss Communicationssubjects. He is an Ole Miss grad and former radio announcer for the basketball team. In addition, he is a certified economic and community developer and currently, a highly successful leader in the real estate business with Premier Properties of Oxford. Steve’s lifelong dream has been to live in Oxford full-time. “I am now living my dream daily as is my wife Rosie, who works with the Oxford Chamber of Commerce,” Steve said. You can contact Steve at sovassallo@gmail.comor call him at 985-852-7745.

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