Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Game Photos That Capture a Great Day photographer Sharon Hays was at the Ole Miss vs. Louisiana-Lafayette game, and she compiled this wonderful photo essay of the action and pageantry.

game (1 of 1)-98
Ole Miss prepares spiritually for the big game.

game (1 of 1)-95
Captains execute the coin toss.

game (1 of 1)-60
The Ole Miss flag carrier gets the crowd charged up.

game (1 of 1)-100
And the crowd responds!

game (1 of 1)-59
Cheerleaders are all in on defense.

game (1 of 1)-94
Players celebrate a great defensive stop.

game (1 of 1)-74
The action in the middle of the filed is intense.

game (1 of 1)-66
Aerial chest bumps were a common occurrence.

game (1 of 1)-62
And Coach Freeze kept the boys on their toes.

game (1 of 1)-101
The band and the color guard were impressive.

game (1 of 1)-65
A successful point after increases the Rebel lead.

game (1 of 1)-61-1
And Jaylen Walton is off to the races.

game (1 of 1)-86
Another Rebel hits the end zone.

game (1 of 1)-99
Thankful for a big win.

game (1 of 1)-73
This little girl is having the time of her young life.

game (1 of 1)-69
Football and colorful performance. Doesn’t get any better.

game (1 of 1)-102
The Pride of the South Band makes an impressive entrance.

game (1 of 1)-90
We’ve got this game guys!

game (1 of 1)-71-1
And the Rebelettes were in classic form.

Sharon Hays is a photographer and contributor.