Friday, August 19, 2022

'JohnnyReb14' says: Football Rebels Are for Real

Photo by Chuck Barnes

Commentary by Johnny Neumann, contributor
This is my take on the Rebels football team, a group of young men who have matured with each game.
As a professional basketball player and coach, I look at games in a different way than most folks. I see a team that plays with toughness, confidence, arrogance, and pride and at the same time humility.
They are a team that has done what all great teams do in any sport. They believe in their coach and have bought in to what Coach Freeze says and are inspired by him. They fear nothing.
They play for each other. They have each other’s backs. In other words, they play as one person. The defense knows what has to be done, and they do it. The defense makes the stops. Rebel pride is back, and the coaches and players uniting as one have accomplished this.
Neumann says the Rebels are reaching for their goals in the right way.

There is an air of serenity around this team. They know when they take the field they will compete and do what it takes to win in a professional way.
This team has won when they haven’t played well but have figured out ways to win. It seems like the Rebels respond and play better in the second half of their games. Coach Freeze has a way of igniting the team during half time and making adjustments.
I like this team, and I like being that they are still considered to be the underdog. Each game they get better accepting the challenges ahead. This team could be one of the best Rebels football teams in recent times or the best ever.


Johnny Neumann

Johnny Neumann is a contributor and one of the greatest basketball players to ever play for Ole Miss. In addition to his status as the leading scorer in the nation and only living player alive to have have averaged 40 points a game for a season, Neumann played and coached professional basketball in the U.S. and overseas. Today he is attending classes at Ole Miss in the Meek School of Journalism and New Media and is a contributor.

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