Saturday, December 2, 2023

Wallace's Play as SEC QB Star is BOdacious

Bo is a skilled runner who seems to pick his spots to score a touchdown or key first down.

Commentary by contributor Steve Vassallo
It’s time to recognize our quarterback for not only the outstanding season he’s having, but also for his outstanding career at Ole Miss. Hugh Freeze demonstrated pure genius in recruiting Bo! The stats and everything else “bear” this out! Before we get into Bo’s accomplishments and outstanding games, let’s first take a walk down memory lane with previous Ole Miss QB’s.
To start with, the Mannings would be on most all our lists as two of the leading QB’s since Jake Gibbs. I still like to reference Jake as the “standard of excellence” (Charlie Conerly was before my time) because of all he accomplished here from a personal perspective as well as the success of the team. Even though Archie and Eli were nothing short of outstanding, their resumes still are missing one important component…an SEC title. The blame is certainly not attributed to either as the defenses they had accompanying them were not in the same league as the one Bo is enjoying.
There were many other above average QB’s through the years such as Norris Weese; Stuart Patridge; John Fourcade; and a host of others. Where then does Bo fall into the list of great quarterbacks? My vote is at the top! Bo has already proven himself with two bowl MVP’s and a number of “high profile” wins. Should he lead this team to an SEC west title and possibly a national championship, he will bypass everyone (in my mind) since the Gibbs era.
But as a passer, Bo is leading the Rebels toward unknown heights.

Bo is very exiciting to watch. A gifted runner who can throw the long ball accurately, he has all the tools for excellence. His leadership skills on and off the field are also special.
Bo seems to rise to the occasion and this is what I admire most about him. Many years ago I became good friends with George Selkirk, a former New York Yankee great who roomed with Lou Gehrig. George told me one time that in games the Yankees were trouncing the opposition, Lou was not at his best. However, in close games it was exactly the opposite. Then is when he performed at his peak! I believe Bo Wallace is an athlete very much like Gehrig. The Alabama game this year and the LSU game last year were definitely indicative of this.
Looking ahead to the remainder of the season, Bo’s legacy is still awaiting the final chapters. However, if one was previewing this book, the expectations would be very good for a best seller!
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