Friday, December 2, 2022

Burning Down the House in Death Valley — Olvedo's Keys to the Game

Winning at night in Death Valley, LSU’s Tiger Stadium, is a daunting challenge for the Rebels.

Well if you can tell by now I have had a bit of musical lyrics influence my writing the last couple weeks.
I suppose I have to credit to a special assignment I have been working on that I am eager to share with all our readers here soon.
Well after jumping off my music assignment it’s time to regroup and refresh quickly to get back in to football mode and head down to Baton Rouge in less than 24 hrs.
Let’s get the lines out of the way.
Over/Under: 44.5 Spread: Ole Miss -4
Sooner or later, if you want win championships you’re going to have to put together all the right components balanced on both sides of the ball. There’s no question that the Rebel defense is part of that Magnolia Miracle, but the running game is going to need to step up. It’s the missing link for Rebel dominance, not just against LSU, but for the remainder of the regular season and into the playoffs.
If there was and time to get things right on the ground for Hugh and the Boys Saturday in Death Valley would be the moment. Ground pounding is going to make the difference in winning and losing as the weather gets colder. Teams that run the ball effectively and efficiently as well as play defense have a leg up at this time of year.
As the weeks progress, you’ll notice I’m offering less keys to victory. By now, if your team doesn’t have it together, chances are you won’t. However, the Rebels have an opportunity to show the world they’re the complete package in one of the toughest atmospheres under the lights.
These days LSU doesn’t have much to brag about other than being the biggest stadium in the SEC. The Tiger defense is making some changes that could challenge us this weekend, especially some trick packages on D that we haven’t seen thus far this season.
Though Bo has shouldered a lot of the load between the tackles, the Rebs are not going to be able to solely depend on him. Backs like Mark Dodson and some of the Rebels speedy runners — Jaylen Walton comes to mind — are going to have to take on a heavier load to complete the equation that will add up to an Ole Miss victory heading into Death Valley.
This week I’m keeping it simple and to the point. Take care of business — that’s all we need to do. We can only play this game in the present and press on. See everyone in the Bayou. So let’s fight fire with fire.
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Lee Ann Herring Olvedo

Lee Ann Herring-Olvedo is a contributor, veteran SEC sports journalist and Brown University graduate. She loves good cigars, good games and a smooth glass of bourbon — not necessarily in that order.