Friday, March 31, 2023

Geaux Ole Miss: My First Away Game with Home Depot, College GameDay

Anticipating the LSU vs. Ole Miss game, five and a half hours never seemed so short.
Friday afternoon, two friends and I journeyed over to the Bayou to cheer on the Rebels. We were surrounded by Ole Miss fans on the drive down Interstate 55 who are also partaking in the madness of this weekend. Experiencing my first away game, I can now proudly call myself a “Road Reb.”
This weekend, I will be partnering with the Home Depot crew to cover ESPN’s College GameDay behind the scenes. To show off my school spirit, I made a sign to let the Tigers know we have arrived. I stopped by the Home Depot for all my supplies — spray paint, sticker letters and a large sign were just the beginning.
LSU was voted the best tailgate in the country by USA Today followed closely by Ole Miss and the Grove as No. 2. I have been told that LSU tailgating is nothing compared to how we tailgate in the Grove. Listening to my friend tell story after story of her personal tailgating experiences made me even more excited. I am so thankful to be here in Baton Rouge and get to experience the game from a visitor’s perspective.
This is homecoming for LSU, so tailgating is done differently than other games. Fans ranging from students to parents can be found tailgating at the fraternity houses or in various areas that surround the stadium. Upon arrival, we have seen so many people getting ready for the game. Ole Miss road rebs have been flooding in as well as giant motor homes scattered throughout campus.
I also am so thrilled to announce that I will have the opportunity to go back stage of the College GameDay set. Growing up with a father who controlled the television, I was raised to watch the pre-game show week after week. Stay tuned for more pictures and buzz throughout the show here at
My very first away game started off as a fun weekend catching up with old friends, and now that the Rebels are 7-0, this game will be one to remember regardless of the final score.
Molly Brosier is a staff reporter and can be reached at