Monday, March 20, 2023

Rebels Make Top 4 in College Playoff Committee Initial Picks

The College Football Playoff committee has spoken, and despite a Rebel loss in Death Valley this weekend, Ole Miss still made the Top 4.

Photo by Chuck Barnes

Ole Miss was ranked No. 4 in the Top 25 chosen by the 12 committee members. If the season were to end today, the Top 4 would make the playoffs in the Rose Bowl and Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1.
Many conferences are clamoring about a major SEC bias in college football and on ESPN, and the SEC West was highly represented with three teams in the Top 4 has three teams from the Western Division in the first poll in Mississippi State, Auburn and Ole Miss. Alabama, Georgia and LSU are also listed among the Top 25.
The initial College Football Playoff Top 25:

  1. Mississippi State (7-0)
  2. Florida State (7-0)
  3. Auburn (6-1)
  4. Ole Miss (6-1)
  5. Oregon (6-1)
  6. Alabama (7-1)
  7. TCU (6-1)
  8. Michigan State (7-1)
  9. Kansas State (6-1)
  10. Notre Dame (6-1)
  11. Georgia (6-1)
  12. Arizona (6-1)
  13. Baylor (6-1)
  14. Arizona State (6-1)
  15. Nebraska (7-1)
  16. Ohio State (6-1)
  17. Utah (6-1)
  18. Oklahoma (5-2)
  19. LSU (7-2)
  20. West Virginia (6-2)
  21. Clemson (6-2)
  22. UCLA (6-2)
  23. East Carolina (6-1)
  24. Duke (6-1)
  25. Louisville (6-2)

The committee consists of Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long, WIsconsin-Madison athletics director Barry Alvarez, former superintendent of the United States Air Force Academy Lieutenant General Mike Gould, USC athletics director Pat Haden, former NCAA Executive Vice President Tom Jernstedt, West Virginia athletics director Oliver Luck, Nebraska-Lincoln athletics director Tom Osborne, Clemson athletics director Dan Radakovich, Stanford professor Condoleezza Rice, former Big East commissioner Mike Tranghese, former USA Today reporter Steve Wieberg and former head coach Tyrone Willingham.
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