Friday, March 31, 2023

Rebels Tumble to No. 12 after Loss to Auburn

At the end of Week 10 in college football, teams are positioning themselves for the final run of the season to the College Football Playoffs.
Unfortunately after a hard loss to Auburn at home, the Ole Miss Rebels fell from No. 7 in the AP Poll to No. 12.
Saturday night, Ole Miss was in a back-and-forth scoring battle with the Auburn Tigers, but the Rebels suffered a gut-wrenching 35-31 and lost Laquon Treadwell with a broken leg and dislocated ankle.
This week, Missisippi State is No. 1, follwed by Florida State, Auburn, Alabama and Oregon.
Here’s the full list.
1. Mississippi State

2. Florida State
3. Auburn
4. Alabama

5. Oregon
6. TCU
7. Michigan State
8. Notre Dame
9. Kansas State
10. Baylor
11. Arizona State
12. Ole Miss

13. Ohio State
14. LSU

15. Nebraska
16. Oklahoma
17. Georgia

18. UCLA
19. Clemson
20. Utah
21. Arizona
22. Duke
23. Marshall
24. West Virginia
25. Wisconsin