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Coach Hugh Freeze To Decide on Chad Kelly’s Status

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Head coach Hugh Freeze has yet to make a decision whether Ole Miss quarterback signee Chad Kelly could play for the Rebels this coming fall season. Despite the confidence Kelly’s lawyer had expressed at his court hearing yesterday Kelly’s fate still rests with Freeze for a few more days.

Tupelo Daily Journal’s Parrish Alford received a text message from Freeze earlier this morning. Alford wrote what Freeze said in his article at Inside Ole Miss Sports:

“However, Freeze says a decision on Kelly’s status has not yet been made and will not be made until later this week at the earliest. In the text Freeze said he will have a phone call with Kelly and Kelly’s family tonight. After that phone call Freeze said he will ‘take a couple of days and make a decision based on everything.'”

Kelly has not yet arrived in Oxford despite reports from a local Buffalo news station WVIB reporter Lou Raguse reporting his plans to travel Oxford this week.

Chad Kelly has been apologetic since the incident at with the Buffalo police at a nightclub in Buffalo, New York. Freeze commented on his status earlier before the Peach Bowl as reported on This is Freeze’s comments as quoted from the article:

“It’s like I tell him every day when he’s calling and texting me: I will deal with you when I get ready to deal with you,” Freeze said. “That will be after I gather everything and see after the Jan. 5 court date and what happens with that. When you’re dealing with a kid’s future, I know everybody has their opinion and none of the opinions really matter except for what is best for the program first, the kid second.

“For me to do anything other than wait for all the facts and the total truth … everything that is out there is not accurate. I want to deal exactly what is accurate. This is where he wants to be. He knows a mistake in being in the wrong place and I think is remorseful for that. But I got to deal with what is best for the team first, and then try to do what is best for the young man.”

“Very humbled,” he said. “Very remorseful, but also wants me to know the truth. How he perceives it. I’ve heard that.”

Chad Kelly has been sentenced to 50 hours of community service after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct yesterday. He must finish community service by March 9th or he will face 15 days in jail. He can complete his sentence at University of Mississippi.

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