Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mashable Reports Former Rebel Patrick Willis Thriving in Silicon Valley

Patrick Willis, photo from / Patrick Willis
Patrick Willis, photo from / Patrick Willis

Not much else could warm this Ole Miss fan’s heart than stories of former Rebels thriving in their post-graduate lives, especially in the NFL.

When Ole Miss great Patrick Willis retired from San Francisco 49ers last March, many Ole Miss fans wished him well. Many Ole Miss fans tweeted ideas for Patrick Willis’ next career move, including an idea he should join the Ole Miss coaching staff.

Well, today could be a pleasant surprise to many Ole Miss fans because Mashable’s Sam Laird recently reported yesterday evening that Patrick Willis is a tech worker for Open Source Storage in the Silicon Valley.

Here is a small excerpt from the article:

He was only 30 years old, but Willis’ rationale was simple. A career of injuries made him worry his elite days were behind him, and he didn’t want to sustain more longterm physical damage.

“Honestly, I pay attention to guys when they’re finished playing, walking around like they’ve got no hips and they can’t play with their kids. They can barely walk,” Willis said in his farewell press conference. “People see that and they feel sorry, but they don’t realize it’s because he played a few extra years.

“For me, there’s more to my life than football. It has provided an amazing platform for me to build on, but it’s my health first and everything else just kind of makes sense around it.”

What the world didn’t know then was the wheels had already been put in motion for Willis’ next step.

Read the rest of the story by clicking the following title: NFL star Patrick Willis is thriving in retirement as a Silicon Valley tech worker.

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