Saturday, September 30, 2023

Vote: Ole Miss Baseball's Greatest First Baseman

Four writers have asked readers to cast their votes on just who they think are “Ole Miss Baseball’s Greatest.”
This week, polls will be released each day for readers to cast their votes for Ole Miss’ best infielders.
Vote for your favorite first baseman today, and catch us tomorrow to cast your vote for the best second baseman! Read just why we think these three first basemen make the cut here, and cast your vote!
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Next week, readers will have a chance to vote for the best outfielders of all time, and the following week (March 27 – 31) readers can vote for the best pitchers and catchers of all time. 
Winners of Ole Miss Baseball’s Greatest Of All Time will be announced April 3. Check back with then for the full story of Ole Miss Baseball’s greatest nine in history. 

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