Monday, December 4, 2023

Ole Miss Applauds 1962 Undefeated Rebels

By Luke Dinges
On the Saturday morning of the Ole Miss-Texas football game, the Overby Center for Southern Journalism and Politics filled with fans eager to pay their respects to the 1962 Rebels on the 50th anniversary of their undefeated, untied SEC championship season.
[frame src=”” width=”300″ height=”225″ align=”left” linkstyle=”normal” linksto=”″ title=”1962 Undefeated Rebels”]Four members of the team, quarterback Glynn Griffing, running backs Chuck Morris and Louis Guy, and lineman Sam Owen, reminisced about that year, the riots, the coaching staff, and how close they all became in that perfect season. Wright Thompson, a writer for ESPN and author of “Ghosts of Mississippi”, served as moderator.

“The coaching staff kept us in line,” said running back Louis Guy. “Coach Vaught always taught us that education came first and helped to create a close group that loved one another and still does to this day.”
Even though having their campus torn apart by riots and military troops when James Meredith became the first black student at Ole Miss, the team rose above the chaos, claiming the SEC championship, defeating Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl on January 1, 1963, and remaining undefeated.
During the Ole Miss-Texas football game on Saturday night, the team was honored by thousands of roaring fans on the field at half time.
“We always protected one another’s back and seeing everyone at this reunion, I’m glad to see how successful we’ve all been,” said running back Chuck Morris.
The year 1962 would be the last undefeated season for Ole Miss.