Thursday, September 29, 2022

Hunters’ Hollow Offers Gun Safety Classes to Educate LOU Community

By Sarah Klippenstein and Mackenzie White interns

Award winning local hunting supply store, Hunters’ Hollow, was recognized as the Store of the Year from Sports Inc. in February due in part to its dedication to the community through customer service and various educational classes.

A Hunters’ Hollow staff member finds a certain type of gun for a customer Saturday, April 13. Photo by Mackenzie White.

Hunters’ Hollow was one out of 575 stores to win the Store of the Year Award in March at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona. With outstanding customer service and community involvement, Hunters’ Hollow serves in more ways than one, said Luke Guest, owner of the store.

“We were able to win that Store of the Year award which was a very big honor, and we are very proud of that,” Guest said.

Hunters’ Hollow has been serving the Oxford community since 1991.

“My dad always wanted to have a big hunting store, so we turned his hobby into making a living,” Guest said.

From providing multiple jobs to sponsoring local ball teams and churches, the store provides to many in the LOU community. One way they give back to the community is by offering multiple classes to enhance the hunting safety experience.

Guest said his enhanced carry course is offered to customers to help alleviate the questions surrounding gun ownership for current and future carriers.

“It covers everything from the basic parts of a gun to the legal aspects of carrying your gun to methods of carry and drawing from the holster,” Guest said.

They also provide one-on-one classes for $50 an hour that provide insight on how to carry, just like the enhanced carry course would. During this one hour course, the instructor is able to give constructive criticism and feedback to gun owners. Guest said he recommends one-on-one classes because instructors are able to focus more on specific improvements. 

The gun range at Hunters Hollow is a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range. There are 10 lanes, each with a distance of 25 yards. Photo by Mackenzie White.

Along with this course, Hunters’ Hollow hosts a tournament called the Hunters’ Hollow Indoor League Match, offered once a month. In order to participate, the participant must be a member of the Glock Sport Shooting Foundation and be able to shoot a glock. This tournament attracts out-of-towners from Memphis and Tupelo as well as Oxford natives, Guest said.

As for the future of this business, Guest said he is determined to stick with just one location but will eventually evolve into promoting the company through media and establishing other amenities.

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