Monday, March 8, 2021

Intramurals are Ole Miss Sports Too

By Madeline Moore
HottyToddy Intern

Intramural sports programs are often neglected. Students come to college after playing sports in high school and believe they will never have the opportunity to relive their glory days on the court or field again. What a lot of students fail to realize is that Ole Miss offers tons of intramural sports. High school glory days don’t have to be over.

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The intramural sports program isn’t just for students either. Faculty, staff and students are offered the opportunity to play dual and team sports. The intramural activities have a wide variety of options, which range from traditional sports such as flag football, basketball, soccer and slow-pitch softball. There are also some non-traditional sports options like spike ball, battleship, and 3-on-3 basketball. Most of the sports and activities play once a week, and competitions and games are scheduled during the evenings.

Brianna Schack, an Ole Miss junior and a former high school soccer star took a leap this year and joined the Ole Miss intramural soccer team. Schack has been playing soccer for as long as she can remember. She played varsity soccer all four years in high school. The young star was captain of her soccer team and led her team to multiple victories.

“I always thought that after high school my soccer career would just be over,” Schack said. “Intramurals gave me a chance to get involved with the sport I love playing again.”

College can make it so easy for you to forget about exercising and staying active.

“I felt like I was doing nothing with myself,” Schack said. “When you’re involved with sports in high school, you’re constantly exercising with your team. I lost that when I came to college.”

Intramural sports give students a fun and easy way to stay involved and active. Sports don’t always have to be about winning games and making it big once you get to college. Intramural sports allow the chance to bring life and ease back into sports.

“Once I joined the team it gave me a fun way to stay active weekly,” Schack said. “It’s also a great social experience.”

Since Schack has joined the Ole Miss intramural soccer team, she has found a new weekly way to release stress. Back in February, her team was 2-0, with their intramural season just kicking off. Then came spring break and no more school this year.

“I like that the intramural teams are so diverse,” Schack said. “I’m playing on a team with boys and girls, and we get to play against Ole Miss faculty and even other schools’ teams. It’s not super serious, but it will always be fun to play the sport I love while being surrounded with great people.”