Tuesday, September 26, 2023

SEC Now Permits Transfer Within Conference Without Sitting Out

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

The Southeastern Conference announced on Thursday that players would be allowed to transfer in conference. 

Back in April, the NCAA voted to adopt the one-time transfer, which allows student-athletes to change schools without penalty of losing a year of eligibility due to sitting out. 

The presidents and chancellors across the SEC voted to do away with having to sit out for a season prior to becoming eligible to compete. 

“This is an important measure to further support student-athletes throughout the Southeastern Conference,”  SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement. “While maintaining the expectation that coaches and others avoid improper recruiting, this change will ensure that student-athletes who enroll at an SEC member institution will enjoy the flexibility afforded to other student-athletes across the nation.”

The change in the rule will take effect immediately. For a student-athlete to gain eligibility, a fall sport athlete must declare by Feb. 1. There is a May 1 deadline for winter sports and July 1 deadline for spring sports.