Monday, September 25, 2023

Old Values

It is easy for even an optimist, such as myself, to become discouraged about the direction American society is taking.  Water does, after all, run downhill.
Relationships between individuals and within families seem to be dwindling.  This is no “Chicken Little” cry –– one only has to watch local and national newscasts to realize that perhaps the next edition of Webster’s Dictionary could delete words and definitions that no longer seem to be in use these days. Among those words, actions or behaviors that have seemingly fallen into disuse are:


So, okay, I am showing my age. But it was not that long ago when these words, actions or behaviors helped define our society.  By coincidence, the family unit was the basic functioning structure of our way of life. So how do we restore, if one feels that restoring is desirable, these values in our lives?
Not preaching, just observing.