Saturday, February 4, 2023

Make Love Not War, Even With MSU?

Our Creative Director Sarah Beth Wiley didn’t go to Ole Miss or MSU although she has lived in Oxford most of her life and considers herself a Rebel fan for sure.
Still she is the “creative” type (kinda hippyish) and tends to advocate for love, not war, even in the case of the most intense rivalry in college sports. So when she saw this Wizard of Id cartoon, she thought it would be a good idea to modify it slightly in honor of Valentine’s Day.
I don’t know — Rebels kissing Bulldogs?
The little images of characters kissing pigs and horses and trees makes sense I guess in a certain context. You folks in Starkville might know what I mean. I watched Braveheart on AMC last night and Rebels kissing Bulldogs seems to me akin to William Wallace inviting the English to kiss his . . .
You see where I’m going. Still, it is almost Valentine’s Day and I suppose there’s no reason we can’t all be friends.
Ya think?
No, me neither.
I couldn’t get drunk enough to date someone carrying around one of those damn cowbells.
Anyway, maybe you’ll think the cartoon is cute.
Andy Knef is editor of Andy loves horses and trees and pork chops, but not so much MSU fans.