Friday, September 22, 2023

Oxford's Hearing Aid and Audiology Center Offers Effective Tools

Robert Moore has worked as an audiologist for nearly 18 years and his work ethic has not ceased as he operates two auditory clinics in Oxford and Greenville. Here is a quick peek at a Moore’s workday in Oxford:

“I had a family friend growing up who was in the hearing aid business,” Moore said, “When I was a sophomore in (Delta State University) trying to figure out what I wanted to do for a career I remembered my friend’s business. I knew then that I wanted to become an audiologist.”
After graduating from Delta State Moore attended Louisiana Tech for a masters in audiology which he obtained in 1997. Moore currently services “all clients from youngest to oldest” with diagnostic testings and hearing aid fittings.
Moore explained he tests for both medical referrals from primary care physicians and for companies. Moore said, “I do testings for Winchester, for example. These are industrial testings where we check to see if employees who are exposed to loud noises have lost some hearing.”
His clinic in Oxford has a hearing booth where his clients listen for a range of sounds from softest to loudest, but not necessarily in that order, to ascertain their hearing loss. There is a large computer in his office: he uses this to find appropriate programming for his clients’ hearing aids. With input data from the hearing booth the computer installs programs best suited per individual client’s hearing aids.
Programming for cochlear implants are not available but Moore can help clean the implants. There are five manufacturers for hearing aids and the clinic features one: ReSound.
Moore said, “ReSound has the best quality of sound in my work experience. It currently has a new feature out where it uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly link hearing aids to cell phones. It’s like wireless headphones.”
Moore explained his clients had trouble talking on the phones due to the inconvenience where microphone’s place on the top of the hearing aid forces the caller to place the phone above the ear instead of directly in front of the ear hole. This new feature for hearing aids, Resound Linx, is available for ordering at this clinic.
For more information the clinic has a Google profile. Its office is located 1211 Office Park Drive. It can be reached at 662-236-6565.
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