Friday, June 2, 2023

Secondary Benefiting From Simplified Scheme, Rebels Speak After Tuesday's Practice

Metcalf & Jones, photo by Steven Gagliano

With just a few days until the annual Grove Bowl, Ole Miss continues to fine tune the new systems in place on both sides of the ball.

After practice, rising sophomore DL Benito Jones talked about how he feels coming into his second season. The former 5-star recounted his adjustmentfrom the high school level to competing in the SEC. DB Myles Hartsfield is spending the spring at cornerback after playing safety last year. Hartsfield feels much more comfortable at his natural position and feels that he can be a difference-maker in the secondary. DB Jaylon Jones was thrown into the fire during his freshman season, and with a year of experience under his belt, he spoke about how that will help him moving forward.

 Benito Jones
“You go from playing guys that are 5’11 to guys that are 6’6, 300 pounds. It was tough, but you’ve got to just play technique and keep being focused on what you’ve got to do.”

Myles Hartsfield
“I’ve got to be more conditioned. Playing corner is way different than playing safety. You’ve got to be able to run with a receiver that’s running a fade, then get back on the line. I’ve also got to get more technically sound with my feet.”

Jaylon Jones
“In the Georgia game, when I got a lot more PT, I saw the team trusted me, and they didn’t treat me like a freshman. They showed me that I was a player…that got my confidence up.”

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