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Daniels: Rebels’ ‘Two Deep’ Against Arkansas

Photo by Joshua McCoy, courtesy Ole Miss Athletics
Photo by Joshua McCoy, courtesy Ole Miss Athletics


  1. Chad Kelly
  2. DeVante Kincade

Note: Chad Kelly had another 300 yard game last weekend against the Auburn Tigers in a game in which he went 33/51 for 381 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. This Arkansas defense is giving up around 275 yards a game through the air. That could work out nicely for Kelly.

Running Back

  1. Jaylen Walton
  2. Akeem Judd

Note: While the Rebels threw the ball 52 times last weekend, they ran the ball 40 times which adds up to a total of 92 plays from scrimmage last weekend. Against an offense that focuses on time of possession, we need to run over 75 plays to get a comfortable win. Akeem Judd looks as if he is moving into that second string role instead of Jordan Wilkins. Against Auburn, Judd carried the ball eight times for 54 yards and a touchdown compared to Wilkins’ two carries for four yards.

Wide Receiver

  1. Laquon Treadwell
  2. Derrick Jones

Note: Laquon Treadwell continues to be a frequent and reliable target of Kelly’s. Against Auburn, he had seven receptions for 114 yards and a touchdown. Two out of the last three games, Treadwell has thrown a pass. Don’t think Freeze won’t be keeping that in the back of the playbook to use early.

Wide Receiver

  1. Damore’ea Stringfellow
  2. Cody Core

Note: Really since the Memphis game, Cody Core’s playing time has declined while Damore’ea Stringfellow’s has picked up. Last weekend, Cody Core had two catches for 26 yards while Stringfellow led the team in receptions with eight catches for 71 yards. I think these two will split time with the bulk going towards Stringfellow. Both being at the same receiver spot, they should continue to play big roles in the passing attack and are great options with Treadwell on the other side.

Slot Receiver

  1. Quincy Adeboyejo
  2. Markell Pack

Note: Quincy Adeboyejo did not make the dominant presence that he usually does as he had three catches for just eight yards. If Adeboyejo can line up in the slot opposite Razorback safety Rohan Gaines then he could have big seams over the middle to get the Kelly, deep ball going.

Tight End

  1. Evan Engram
  2. Taz Zettergren

Note: Evan Engram’s production continues to be steadily rising as it did against Auburn having four catches for 36 yards. Last season against this Hogs defense, Engram caught for 65 yards on just five catches. Let’s see if we don’t use him a little more down field.

Left Tackle

  1. Laremy Tunsil
  2. Talbot Buys

Note: Laremy Tunsil continues to make a huge impact in our running game developing and on down field throws. He’s had a few false starts and holdings but he’s been outstanding to have back on this Rebel offensive line.

Left Guard

  1. Javon Patterson
  2. Aaron Morris

Note: This is an Arkansas defense who doesn’t have a ton of sacks as they are only totaling for seven sacks this season. The senior defensive tackle Mitchell Loewen is tied for first on this team with sacks with 1.5. His pass rush will be directed towards one of the guards and if it is the left side Patterson will have to be physical.


  1. Justin Bell
  2. Ben Still

Note: Last weekend, Justin Bell played most of the snaps at center and as far as I can remember, he never had a bad snap. One snap was fumbled but it hit Kelly right between the numbers. I think we will see a lot of both of Bell and Still in this one with Bell playing the majority of snaps.

Right Guard

  1. Jordan Sims
  2. Rod Taylor

Note: This Rebel offensive line has given up 15 sacks this season as a unit. Last weekend, they only gave up one sack and they are going up a defense this week who has only gotten to the quarterback seven times. Each lineman will have to contribute to developing the running game and Kelly’s passing game. Jordan Sims got the start last week and I don’t think it will be any different this game.

Right Tackle

  1. Fahn Cooper
  2. Sean Rawlings

Note: Fahn Cooper is settling back into his original position at right tackle after starting seven games at left tackle. He continues to be a big part of this improving line even though he had to make this adjustment.

Defensive End

  1. Fadol Brown
  2. Channing Ward

Note: If Fadol Brown lines up on the right side from the quarterback’s point of view, he will have to go up against the 6’10 tackle, Dan Skipper. This is probably the best opportunity for our defense to get to the quarterback with our sack leader on the opposite side of Skipper.

Defensive Tackle

  1. Robert Nkemdiche
  2. Breeland Speaks

Note: After missing the Texas A&M game with headaches, Robert Nkemdiche played a nice game last week picking up four tackles. This is one of the more physical offensive lines that Nkemdiche will be double teamed by with right guard Frank Ragmow and center Mitch Smothers most likely being the ones with this assignment. He could have a big game with the Hogs running game shooting the gaps.

Nose Tackle

  1. D.J. Jones
  2. Woodrow Hamilton

Note: D.J. Jones chalked up his first start as an Ole Miss Rebel last weekend against the Tigers and I think he will get the start against this run-heavy, Razorback offense. He’s a bigger body than Woodrow Hamilton and that is something we need to fill the gaps for the running game.

Defensive End

  1. Marquis Haynes
  2. John Youngblood

Note: Marquis Haynes has more sacks as an individual than Arkansas has as a team. They also have given up less than what Haynes has totaled for as an individual this season. Haynes has a total of 7.5 sacks this season which leads the team by a long shot.

Outside Linebacker

  1. Denzel Nkemdiche
  2. DeMarquis Gates

Note: Denzel Nkemdiche and DeMarquis Gates have totaled for a combined 90 tackles between the two this season. The two hard hitting linebackers should have a good statistical day as they could be aggressive anticipating the run game and play action pass game.

Middle Linebacker

  1. C.J. Johnson
  2. Terry Caldwell

Note: C.J. Johnson did not record a single tackle last weekend as that more than likely has something to do with his injury that he suffered a few weeks back. He could have limited playing time but he should be able to play. He is a strong, emotional leader for the Landshark defense and his presence always makes an impact.


  1. Tony Conner
  2. A.J. Moore

Note: In Hugh Freeze’s weekly interview on Monday, Freeze said, “No doubt, Tony Conner will try to go. Conner will fill back in at the nickel position where the last time he was seen playing was against Alabama.


  1. Kendarius Webster
  2. Carlos Davis

Note: If Arkansas receiver Drew Morgan is good to go this Saturday after a shoulder injury, then we should see Webster get the assignment of covering the 6’3 junior Dominique Reed. Reed has 11 receptions for 237 yards and three touchdowns this season. Webster will have to avoid getting burned on guessing on the run and getting play action.


  1. Tony Bridges
  2. Kailo Moore

Note: Bret Bielema said that Drew Morgan should be ‘good to go this weekend. If this is true, Tony Bridges will be matched up against Morgan who leads the Razorbacks in receptions, yards, and touchdowns. Morgan has 35 receptions for 498 yards and six touchdowns. Morgan has definitely grown into that number one target following injuries to Keon Hatcher and Jared Cornelius.

Free Safety

  1. Trae Elston
  2. Chief Brown

Note: Trae Elston is coming off of a performance in which he led the Rebels in tackles with seven, one of them went for a loss. Elston could have some designed safety blitzes anticipating the run game. He will also probably be in a situation where he needs to make open field tackles against the big tight ends for the Razorbacks.


  1. Mike Hilton
  2. C.J. Moore

Note: Mike Hilton will move out of the nickel position back to his regular position at rover. He will have to cover everything from the seams up the middle to the tight ends in the flats.


  1. Gary Wunderlich
  2. Andy Pappanastos

Note: Gary Wunderlich knocked home two field goals out of two attempts last weekend as he hit from 27 and 37 yards. If we continue to get into situations where we can kick field goals, I think we have to get those points instead of taking the risk to go for it on fourth and short.


  1. Will Gleeson
  2. Gary Wunderlich

Note: Despite Gary Wunderlich’s 73 yard punt against Texas A&M a couple of weeks ago, Will Gleeson still did most of the punting work. Gleeson had four punts that went for an average of 41 yards with two pinning Auburn inside the 20. Wunderlich had one punt that was downed inside the 20 for a 39 yard punt.

Kickoff Specialist

  1. Nathan Noble
  2. Gary Wunderlich

Note: Nathan Noble should not have a problem continuing to kick the ball out of the back of the endzone for a touchback as the winds are supposed to be about 10 to 15 miles per hour coming out of the northeast on Saturday.

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