Saturday, April 1, 2023

Grove Medical Clinic and Spa Brings New Dual Concept to Oxford


“I have wanted to open a clinic like this for a few years,” Bridgett Green, RN and soon to be Nurse Practitioner said. “When I went back to graduate school, I approached a local physician to be my collaborator. We began brainstorming about the whole concept. I told him what I wanted to do, asked him how he felt about it and he was completely on board. So he agreed to collaborate with me and it just kind of evolved from there.”

FullSizeRender-12Bridgett Green is the owner and office manager of Grove Medical Clinic and Spa. Her associate, Amy Tidwell, ACNP, will be working hand in hand with her helping the two sides mesh well together.

On the medical side, they will be seeing patients for basic office visits and urgent care type visits. If you are sick for any reason, sore throat, ear aches, abdominal pain or any other illnesses, you can come in and they will see you. Although, they don’t have a full lab now, they will have a full lab and x-rays in the next 6 months to a year. Both nurses can still give injectables and Amy will be doing splints and sutures.

A basic office visit will cost $45 and that includes seeing the nurse practitioner and getting a diagnosis. If injectables are warranted, they will give those as well.

On the spa side they will be doing injectables such as: Botox, Juvederm, laser treatments (wrinkle reduction, acne treatment, rosacea treatment, hair removal, photo facials, scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, red vessels on the face and many more).

When asked how this works together, Bridgett replied, “It does work together. If we are doing laser therapy or some kind of skin therapy treatment and I see something that I’m not quite sure what it is then I can take them to the medical side to be seen.  Amy has been a nurse practitioner for a long time and she can look at something and say, ‘hey, you need to go see a dermatologist or you need a higher level of care.’ So they do kind of go hand in hand.”

“And going from the other direction,” Amy said, “I may see patients that come in for Rosacea treatment, and I see that a lot, people begging for help with that condition. We offer a treatment for people suffering with rosacea whereas different medications they have taken over and over again just isn’t working for them. We can do a laser treatment on that patient and help them with that. It gives patients another option, a different way to look at their condition.”

Laser hair removal has become quite popular around the globe in the last couple of years. Not only are women diving into it, but men are as well. And with the laser technology Amy and Bridgett have brought to the clinic and spa, they have a feeling more men and women will be lining up at the door.

“The laser technology is really cutting edge,” Bridgett said. “It has a sapphire crystal which forces the tip to stay cool, so it doesn’t burn your skin. There’s no need for breaks during the treatment. Historically, a man’s back would take 45 minutes to an hour with having to heat it up let it cool down, heat it up let it cool down, but with his particular hand piece, it stays cool all the time. We can just keep zapping and get it done in 15 minutes.”

Amy chimed in saying, “It actually takes longer for you to fill out the questionnaire, the history and the physical form than it does to do your armpits.”

The ladies are also looking to add IUDs within the year.  They will offer contraceptives and pap smears just like your OBGYN but in a much more affordable way.

The clinic and spa is cash only, which makes it super affordable to those without insurance. Although they won’t be processing insurance in the actual office, their staff will work extremely hard with you to make sure they can assist anyone with insurance in filing it the proper way themselves.

There will be a price list for procedures and other various lab work details since the $45 only covers seeing a nurse practitioner and getting  diagnosis.

“We will absolutely welcome anybody and everybody to come in and work around their budget as best we can,” Amy and Bridgett both said.

Brittany Bugg is a staff writer and can be reached at