Friday, September 30, 2022

Tailgating Rules Clarified Further Online


This past summer, the Gameday Committee changed tailgating rules which were announced via this past summer.

The tailgaters reacted most to the first rule that essentially reset the Grove to discourage all-day tent spot saving. The Gameday Committee explained why the changes had to be made.

The rules on has been updated this week:

The FAQ stands out in the update. In the replies to the popular questions, this statement is repeated three times: “Please respect the traditions of those who have tailgated in the same area for seasons.”

The Approved Tailgate Tent Vendor Program is clarified in the FAQs. The vendors in the program must pay the university in order to store their tents. They are allowed to store their tents on any predetermined, university-sponsored locations for quicker set-up of multiple tents but they cannot enter the Grove earlier than anyone between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. nor can they reserve any spots whatsoever.

According to the site, all proceeds from the program are reinvested into the Grove and the Circle. The proceeds from this season pay for the new street signs at the walkway intersections in the Grove as well as purchasing a number of large LED countdown clocks to be placed around the Grove on Friday afternoons.

Further information from the bag policy to the history of tailgating can be read here.

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