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University's Sorority Hosts a Walk for Ferguson Awareness

The gathering before the Ferguson walk around the Circle, Aug. 26th.
The gathering before the Ferguson walk around the Circle, Aug. 26th.

University of Mississippi’s National Pan-hellenic sorority Delta Sigma Theta-Lambda Sigma chapter hosted a walk in memory of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager who was fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri, on Aug. 9. The walk took place in front of the Lyceum and the attendees went around the Circle with a University Police Department escort from the university police on Tuesday at 6:13 p.m. The walk was originally planned for Monday but Ebony Jones, Delta Sigma Theta’s president, postponed the event for one day to honor Michael Brown’s burial on Monday.
Jones said, “His family asked for a day of peace and we (honored) their wishes by rescheduling the walk.”
The sorority ladies wore bright red shirts; some held signs, and some held up their hands. One of the sign-holders was Maia Brown, a nutrition major and a Delta Sigma Theta sister. Her sign read: “#HandsUpOleMiss.”
Brown said, “This walk is to raise awareness about what happened to Mike Brown. It’s a peaceful walk.”
from left: Sparkle Jennings, Maia Brown, Aniah Lust, and Kiesha Reeves.
from left: Sparkle Jennings, Maia Brown, Aniah Lust and Kiesha Reeves.

Jones expanded on Brown’s statement by saying while the walk was organized to protest the injustice in Ferguson, it also was a peaceful and safe place for those to express their thoughts on the events in Ferguson since Mike Brown’s death.
“What happened in Ferguson affects us all. It could have been any of us,” Jones said. “We want to educate our communities and spread further action to bring the change where it’s needed. We want to bring light to injustices.”
Dr. Miller “Bill” Boyd III, a faculty professor in African American studies, addressed the gathering before they walked around the Circle. He stated that police militarization was an issue that affected all of America.
“It’s important to bring attention to issues surrounding Mike Brown. It’s not local, it’s national,” Brown said. “It’s not a black and white situation and it affects us all. A march is a start but it cannot be the end on this problem.”
Dr. Miller Boyd III
Dr. Miller Boyd III

Here is the video of the walk for those who missed it:

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