Thursday, January 26, 2023

Steven Austin's Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Guide

When it comes to the media promoting it, there’s no way Father’s Day is as big a deal as Mother’s Day.
That’s just the way it is. Sure, you see some TV commercials pitching gifts for dad, usually featuring sporting goods and clothing items. But for mom the choices seem endless, and the shopping advice kicks in months ahead of time. My dad passed away seven years ago, and I miss him every day. We had some great Father’s Day celebrations over the years, but if for some reason I did not get him a card or gift my lack of judgment would be excused.
On the other hand, if I forgot to send my mom a card I’d hear about it. And it wouldn’t be pretty. I was yelled at once, maybe when I was a teenager. And that was the last time I didn’t do my duty. Let’s take a look at some fun Father’s Day gifts sure to put a smile on dad’s face.
If your dad is a golfer, he probably wants to get better. Of course he does. And most likely that begins on the tee box, where all golfers, men and women, dream of hitting the ball longer.
powerbilt The new Air Force One DFX Tour Driver by Powerbilt has received rave reviews worldwide, and the minute dad gets his hands on this awesome driver his adrenaline will kick in and he’ll be ready to launch tee shots farther and straighter than ever before. How do I know this? I have one and it’s everything it claims to be. As a 23-year member of The Golf Writers Association of America, I get to demo lots of clubs and other golf items. Few live up to the hype. The Air Force One is the real deal, combining amazing technology and outstanding value. Order one online at  For the average dad golfer I suggest the 10.5 degree driver with a regular (R) shaft. Golf legend, Tom Watson, has added a 2014 offering to his wonderful set of instructional DVDs. Tom Watson’s Lessons of a Lifetime II includes the original DVDs and the new one. Every aspect of the golf game is covered by Mr. Watson, and his instruction is based on the many sound and proven principles he has put into practice since the days he first became a teenage champion. Get the set at   dvd_single_cropped Pop wants to look good on the links, right? A fresh, crisp golf shirt will get his head in the right place to do just that. Antigua is known everywhere as a premier sports apparel producer, and their line of golf shirts is superb. Great styles and selections are available to suit any fashion taste. Just go to and pick out something he will love.

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Even though I have written for food publications for close to 30 years, I don’t have much patience for many of the cooking shows on TV these days.
But I always watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives hosted by chef and restaurateur, Guy Fieri. You know the deal: Fieri travels around the country dining at offbeat restaurants. I know several restaurant owners who have told me their lives have changed for the better after their spots were featured on his popular show.
Fieri has written several books, and they are ideal for the kitchen and coffee table. They feature tons of stories, pics, and recipes. I have Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: The Funky Finds in Flavortown on my kitchen counter to refer to if I know I am heading out of town or if I want to attempt a new recipe. All of his books are available at most bookstores and via the usual online sources.  
cufflinks CUFF LINKS
A nice French cuff dress shirt should be in every man’s closet. Cuff Crazy is my go-to place for a huge selection of cuff links and accessories, including wallets and money clips. These are not your run-of-the-mill designs. Was dad in the Navy? Cuff links in an anchor design are just the thing. Is he a poker player? A very cool selection of poker-themed cuff links is available to fit any budget. I am a customer of Cuff Crazy, and think you will like what you see. Go to:
Yep, that’s what I said: Flashlights. Who couldn’t use a few more? Bass Pro Shops has a set of six mini LED flashlights perfect for the car, briefcase, or nightstand. I have these babies all over the place. At less than $10 for the set, you can’t go wrong.
If you can’t afford about $1300 (current pricing) for an ounce bar of gold, you might be able to swing about $25 or so for an ounce of pure silver. These bars are conversation pieces and fun to show off. Plus they represent and honest investment. I have done business with Northwest Territorial Mint, and have been very pleased with their products and service. Go to and look around. This could end up being the most unique gift dad has received in a long time. I particularly like the one-ounce Stagecoach Silver bar.
If you are reading this it’s probably safe to assume your dad didn’t grow up with cell phones and digital cameras. That is, many of his photographic memories are contained within picture frames. How about taking a great pic off of your cell phone and placing it in a beautiful frame? Whether it’s for his office or a shelf in his woodworking shop, dad will appreciate the thought you put into this gift. A delightful selection of frames can be found at
Dad is in shape or thinking about getting there. Direct him to, the best training and bodybuilding site there is. The amazing Dave Draper is a legend in the muscle and fitness world, and his sage advice covers every topic from workout routines to nutrition. He is a magnificent writer, as well, and his free weekly newsletter is a joy to read.
Gifts are part of these celebrations and special days. If you can afford one, great. But remember that hearing “I love you dad, thanks for everything,” is the best gift any father can receive.
Steven J. Austin has been writing for golf, travel, food, entertainment, and business publications worldwide since 1982.