Sunday, May 28, 2023

Wade Looks to be a Leader

By Adam Brown
Sports Editor

Photo courtesy of Ole Miss Athletics

Ole Miss senior wide receiver Dayton Wade met with the media after practice on Thursday and discussed how its going heading into the 2023 season. 

Wade comes into spring as the second-leading all-purpose threat after tallying up 694 yards all-around last season as a receiver and kick returner. 

Wade is growing into a leader role. 

“Spring practice for me has been more of a developing role,” Wade said. “I’m already a natural leader my coach emphasizes that a lot. Really for me I just want to become a better leader and know the offense more to where I can call a play at some point I can line everyone up I can say this is what we need to do right here these are the adjustments we need to make. For me in my spring I’m just focusing on becoming a role model. We’ve got a lot of new people here in how we’ve used the transfer portal, so it’s really trying to make everybody buy in to the same goal.”

Last season, Wade had Jonathan Mingo to help him in his first season at Ole Miss after transferring from Western Kentucky. 

“Luckily I had a vet with me in Mingo,” Wade said. “(Mingo) just showed me the way, showed all of us the way and how it’s done and was like y’all take it to the next step. Last year, I really just got a taste, now it’s time to get the whole thing.”