Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day

Story contributed by Annie Sharp and Griffin DeMarrais,

Store sign for Valentine's Day
Photo by Annie Sharp.

Valentines Day has a habit of sneaking up on people, and finding the perfect gift can be difficult. So, who has it tougher — men or women shoppers? It may surprise you to know that Google Trends data show more people are looking for ideas for guy gifts.

Kristen Zarzaur, who is spending her first Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend this year, said she has no idea what to get him. 

“I looked it up online and it said the equivalent to flowers is a pizza,” Zarzaur said. 

While the ladies are scrambling to make sure their significant other is happy, many guys forget the holiday is even happening at all. Max Mcliney, who is in a new relationship, admitted that he didn’t know Valentine’s Day is Friday. 

“I just haven’t even thought about it,” Mcliney said.

Most of the stores on the Square have options for both guys and girls. Mollie Newton, a sales associate at JCG on The Square, invites all worried women to come inside.

“We have some really good stuff for guys, like baseball shirts and hats,” Newton said. 

Many of the boutiques around Oxford have mostly options for women. Emily Frank, who works at The Lily Pad, said men who don’t like the traditional idea of flowers will definitely be able to find something there. 

“We have a lot of options, some examples are Spongelles, key rings, and pajamas,” Frank said. 

And if it does all come down to the last minute, The Lily Pad also does deliveries.

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